Karachi is Planning to Restart Tram Services

Sindh Government is planning to restore the glory of old Karachi area and is planning to rebuild tram services.

For the construction and operations of tram service, the provincial government is looking to acquire services of Austrian experts.

The Sindh Chief Minister, Murad Ali Shah, met with the Pakistani ambassador posted in Vienna, Mansoor Ahmed Khan, at CM House Karachi. In the meeting, both discussed ways to improve relations with the Austrian government in the field of technical education, renewable hydropower and city planning for Karachi.

Murad Ali Shah said that the provincial government is planning to start tram services in old Karachi area. Austria holds expertise in this field so he asked the ambassador to help Sindh Government to improve coordination with relevant authorities in Austria.

A History of Tram Services in Pakistan

In Karachi, tram services were started in April 1885 and were available till 1975. The service was the major connection between Karachi’s business area and port. Trams were first started with the steam engine and then moved on to petrol and diesel power engines. Each tramcar had the capacity of 46 passengers with a maximum speed of 18 MP.

The tram service was first started from Saddar to Kiamari than extended to Lawrence Road (Nishtar Road) Frere Street (Dr. Daud Pota Road), Soldier Bazaar via Mansfield Street ( Syedna Burhanuddin Road), Chakiwara, Bunder Road (M.A. Jinnah Road).

In 1949, East India Tramways Company Limited sold Karachi tramway to the Mohamedali Tramways Company (MTC), which was owned by Sheikh Mohammad Ali.

Tram was the cheapest and fastest way to travel in old Karachi.

Like Karachi, many old cities had a tram system but they upgraded this system and Vienna is one of them. Vienna built its tram system in 1865 and is still running it as part of its public transport system.

Today, Vienna has the worlds fifth largest tram system in the world with a total of 176 km length and 1071 stations.

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Raja Kamran