Xiaomi Unveils Affordable Mi Home Projector Lite With 1080p HDR Display

Xiaomi’s Mijia platform has launched another cool-looking home appliance, a handy Mi Home Projector lite this time, which should go well with your drawing room furniture.

The projector is meant to replace your living room TV and comes in way cheaper than an average 50-inch LCD or LED unit.

The company’s Mijia platform usually launches a product after crowdfunding it, and mainly focuses on household appliances or other daily-life tech pieces with attractive prices.


Moving on the projector’s specifications, it is capable of producing a crisp 1080p image. The projection can be made larger or smaller between 40 and 200 inches, but the quality might get affected with a larger screen size. The native aspect ratio is 1:2:1, and it stays the same no matter what screen size you choose.

The projector uses a 500 ANSI LED lamp that can last up to 30,000 hours. Some new-age features, that are usually present in physical displays and TV’s are also present, such as the Mi Home Projector’s inherent HDR10 support.

Xiaomi also promises decent audio quality for the new projector. It is equipped with its own high-quality speaker, that has native support for Dolby Atmos and DTS.

The little cube-shaped unit also has voice control features and uses Xiaomi’s own speech recognition technology, so you can issue commands such as play or pause just by using your voice. It uses Mi TV functionality, that brings all the features that are present in other Xiaomi Smart TVs to the Mi Home Projector.

Connectivity, Price, & Availability

As for connectivity, the projector box allows you to plug in HDMI cables and even has AUX and USB ports.

Mi Home Projector lite is currently priced at CNY 2,199 (Rs. 44,000) as part of Mijia’s crowdfunding scheme. It will later retail at a higher price of CNY 2,499 (Rs. 50,500).

It is only available to purchase in China for now and comes in just white color.

  • Very fine of writer thoughts if he thinks 50+K is an affordable price here in Pakistan.
    Second: Projector can never replace TV and that too just “500 ANSI” one.

  • It’s never comparable to LED TVs as it requires dark room (our living rooms are never dark), also the lens has an uncertain lifespan. The quality of picture degrades rapidly, it consumes more power and requires hefty setup most of the times.

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