One Session of Shisha is Worse Than a Full Pack of Cigarettes: Research

It may come off as bad news for many people. Despite the popular belief, shisha smoking is injurious to health, even more than cigarettes.

You may deem those flavored puffs a sine qua non of friends’ meet-ups, winter nights, or bar-b-que parties. But it is not doing anything good to your health. For those who think Shisha is a lesser evil are sadly mistaken for it is way more harmful than a cigarette.

According to the researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, only one session of shisha smoking is worse than smoking an entire pack of cigarettes.

Furthermore, inhaling sweet-smelling smoke significantly increases the risk of developing diseases like metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, and type 2 diabetes.


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The researchers conducted a study on 10,000 people in Iran. They made up a sample of non-smokers, smokers, ex-smokers, hookah smokers, and cigarette smokers. The findings are published in Diabetology and Metabolic Syndrome.

As per one of the authors of the study, “Obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and dyslipidemia were positively associated with hookah smoking while negatively associated with cigarette smoking.”

“In contrast with the public belief that hookah eliminates the toxicity of tobacco in comparison with cigarettes, we found that the adverse effects of hookah smoking could be even greater than cigarettes.”

The experts said that currently, there is good evidence that hookah smoking is also harmful. “The risk of hookah smoking with respect to some types of cancer is well established, and the evidence for an association with cardiovascular disease is growing.”

Via: Ladbible

  • Good to know that a comprehensive study was conducted by Iranians, would like to get similar results of vaping compared to smoking as well. There’s also a conception that vaping is not harmful as well compared to cigarette smoking.

    • not at all comprehensive bro… if you read the source article, there were no medical tests. They simple ASKED the sample participants about their anxiety and other issues.

  • First of all if you read the lad bible article this has been taken from, every statement the researcher says is with a MAYBE…. sheesha MAYBE associated with diabetes e.t.c?????
    So this article simply changes the mind set of people to the point that you are better off Smoking Cigarettes rather than Smoking Sheesha… (Great job cigarette marketing companies).
    Its not about sheesha being more or less harmful its just that Cigarettes are equally harmful or maybe even more (since cigarettes are highly addictive and contain highly toxic ingredients which are not present in sheesha flavour such as TAR, the main source of mouth and lung cancer)
    Also even normal smokers easily smoke one pack of cigarette everyday as it is much more addictive than sheesha, plus its harmful for the environment coz people smoke cigarettes in public places even though its banned hurting the non smokers and even women and children.

  • There is none study actually conducted on actual medical cases reported/identified on sheesha there has only been theories and theories may be paid by tobacco companies.

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