Pakistani Passport is Still Among the 5 Worst in the World

For the last few years, Henley’s annual Passport Index has not brought any major news for the Pakistanis. Even this time around, Pakistani Passport is still among the worst in the world.

Still Among The Weakest Passports

According to Henley’s latest Passport Index, Pakistani passport is ranked 102nd in the list of 106 countries with access to visa-free/visa-on-arrival to 33 countries – that’s only better than Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq – all the war-torn countries. Pakistan is in the bottom five with countries like Yemen and Palestine ranked above it.

The neighboring country, India, shares 79th place in the Index with Benin, Morocco, Mongolia and Armenia.

Sri Lanka is at 95th position and Bangladesh sits at 97th with access to visa-free/visa-on-arrival to 41 countries.

Following countries issue Pakistani passport holders a visa on arrival:

World’s Top Ranked Passports

  1. Japan: The New Year has brought good news for Japanese as its citizens enjoy the top spot with visa-free access to 190 countries.
  2. Singapore and South Korea now share the 2nd place. These countries have access to 189 destinations around the globe.
  3. Germany and France remain in 3rd place going into 2019. People with travel documents from Germany or France may have visa-free access to 188 countries around the globe.

Via: Henley Passport Index

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