Alienware Area-51m is The World’s First Upgradeable Gaming Laptop

Alienware – Dell’s well-known gaming laptop subsidiary – has come up with a new solution for gamers who want the performance and usability of a desktop computer, but also the portability of a laptop.

Meet the Alienware Area-51m, which packs all the necessary hardware you get in a high-end gaming PC, but also lets you upgrade it by installing a custom GPU or a CPU without having to purchase a new laptop altogether.

DIY Upgrades

Dell says that the upgrade can easily be done by following simple DIY tips. Of course, if you can’t it yourself, Dell will come and do it for you.

And you won’t need to link an external GPU to your laptop (you can do that if you want, thanks to Alienware’s own GPU enclosure), with a DIY kit and a simple tutorial, you can install a new GPU which, by the way, goes up to the latest RTX 2080 or equivalent. Also, you get the full performance GPU and not the less powerful Max-Q variant.

Even if you don’t go for the most expensive GPU in the market right now, you can always upgrade when needed, which is the best thing about this laptop.

Hardware and Design

The laptop works with Nvidia’s new 2000-series RTX GPUs and also lets you choose between the latest desktop Core i7-9700K or Core i9-9900K processors. The design isn’t bad either, Alienware’s “Legend” design language has been used to finish the external body.

Inside, you also get 2.5Gbit ethernet, 64 GB RAM, and a trimmed-bezel 144Hz 1080p IPS display – which is also top-notch, and very popular in the gaming community these days.

Its available in four different display specifications. All are 17.3-inches in size, with 1080p resolution, 300-nit brightness, and 72% accurate color gamut, but you get the option to include either Tobii eye tracking or Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.

The processor can also be overclocked to meet your needs, and if you go for an RTX 2080 on the graphics end, you shouldn’t face any hiccups in gaming performance.

Cooling Solution & Price

To counter heat-up issues, the Area-51m laptop has Cryo-Tech 2.0 cooling technology. To protect and sustain the amount of high-end hardware present inside, the company used a sophisticated cooling solution, that uses a dual-intake, a dual exhaust, and high-voltage thermal fans.

It has its own thermal control function, that pairs with copper fin stacks and heat pipes, that keep the laptop cool even under heavy loads.

Of course, the fans also remain fairly silent, especially when the laptop is being used for purposes other than gaming.

You also get a software suite to control all of the laptop’s hardware, including cooling, processing, and other bits to help it run on ideal levels of performance and load.

As you’d expect from a top-end gaming machine, you also get RGB lighting – or AlienFX customizable lightning –  present on the back exhaust ports and the keyboard. The body, by the way, weights 8.64 pounds (3.91 KG).

Moving on to the price, the laptop will cost $2,549 for the base variant with an RTX 2060, and will hit the stores on January 21. The company says that it will reveal some low-spec, cheaper variants later on.

  • Clevo laptops are better than this crap ?

    They are truly upgradable
    Gpu, ram, Cpu, heatsink, charger, motherboard and even screen.

    If Dell will release an upgrade, only then you can upgrade. It will die like the msi gt83vr. ??

    Ps: Im saying this from my own experience . I own a sager np9877. 8086k, dual GTX1080 sli 4k gsync screen.
    IL only swap the gpu with 20 series mxm version ??

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