Glu-Sage: An Affordable Smartphone Accessory to Monitor Blood Sugar Level

Glu-Sage ­­­­­­­­­­– a mobile-phone connected glucose meter launched by Medworks – comes with a data management portal for healthcare providers.


Medworks, a digital healthcare startup centered on the management of diabetes, has launched Glu-Sage, a mobile phone-based glucose meter. Glu-Sage, currently available for Android smartphones and soon coming for iPhones, plugs into the phone jack using the Medworks application, allowing the users to view, save and share their glucose readings.

Diabetes Continues to Pose a Growing Challenge

Medworks was launched last year with a mission to leverage behavioral economics insights to tackle the challenge of diabetes. Diabetes continues to grow rapidly – a study published last year concluded that 1 in every 4 Pakistanis is now diabetic. High blood glucose levels are major contributors to mortality and morbidity. According to the WHO, the global burden of deaths from diabetes is over 3.7 million, and is rising fast.

While diabetes has no cure, certain practices can help to keep it in check. These include checking and recording glucose levels frequently. Doing so reveals vital information so people with diabetes can make food and activity adjustments accordingly. Without this data readily available for patients and healthcare providers, it is difficult to know what the problems areas are. Adjustment to insulin, medication or diet cannot be made unless this data is readily available.

Yet, following through with self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is challenging for most people. Keeping a diary or a logbook is an inconvenience that many people would much rather do without. Remembering to monitor data on time, then logging it in a diary that one needs to carry around starts getting cumbersome, especially if a person with diabetes is monitoring several times a day.

What do Glu-Sage and the Medworks Application Offer?

With Glu-Sage and Medworks application, this problem is addressed-glucose logbooks are automatically maintained and color-coded according to an individual’s glucose targets. The data snapshot section in the application reveals an individual’s trends and provides meal-wise averages. Up to 90 days of data can be stored locally on the phone’s memory, and data prior to 90 days is stored safely and securely on a HIPAA-compliant server, available for retrieval at any point.


How is this different from meters available on the market?

While many meters and display averages, what they often miss is context to this data. The Medworks applications allow users to provide this context – users can record comments, moods, and meal-type. They are also able to record when they take insulin and medicines. With all these data points combined into one simple-to-understand logbook, people with diabetes and their healthcare provider can make informed and well-reasoned decisions regarding treatment.

How Can Healthcare Providers Utilize Medworks Application?

For diabetes programs where coaching and counseling are provided, Medworks also supports remote data monitoring from any phone or computer with an internet connection. Healthcare institutes can send data share requests to application users.

Upon their acceptance, institutes can remotely monitor their data from any authorized account. Medworks director of business development, Faisal Masood, said that the motivation behind providing this option was to tackle the blind spot between two doctor visits.

He said that after visiting a doctor, people with diabetes fall off the radar until their next visit. This visit may not be for several months, and the healthcare provider does not know what is happening during this interval. This blind spot is tackled by providing diabetes educators and coaches with the ability to monitor remotely.

Medworks is also Offering Insulin Pump Therapy

Medworks has also established a partnership with a Europe-approved insulin pump manufacturer and is offering Insulauto insulin pump, a low-cost option for Type 1 and severe type 2 diabetics in Pakistan.

Insulin pumps allow greater lifestyle flexibility with regards to meals, sleep and physical activity. They also allow people on multiple daily injections to avoid syringe stores – only one infusion kit needs to be placed every three days.


Although insulin pumps have been available in Pakistan for a few years now, the price was prohibitive for many users. By offering a cost-effective solution, Medwoeks hopes more diabetics can benefit from this technology in Pakistan.

Where is Glu-Sage Available?

Glu-Sage is available at several leading pharmacies in Karachi, including Green Plus Pharmacy, Kausar medicos, Haji Super Mart, Jumbo Medical Store, Spar etc and can also be home delivered from


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