OnePlus and Oppo Phones to Finally Get Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has become popular in Smartphones over the years, thanks in part to Apple after it started adding this feature to its flagship iPhones.

It’s a cool feature that lets you forget about wires and cables, letting you charge your phone by just placing it on a dock. This tech has been worked on for quite some time and has improved over time.

One of the many companies who has disagreed with wireless charging and its importance, Oppo – a distant cousin of OnePlus (Both companies are owned by BBK Electronics) – hasn’t added this feature to its smartphones.

However, that is about to change now. The company hasn’t made anything official just yet, but it recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), an organization that sets wireless charging standards and develops Qi adapters for wireless charging. Most major OEMs are already a part of the organization, so we might get to see wireless charging in Oppo and OnePlus phones in the future.

According to many smartphone OEMs, it’s still not the best way to charge your phone. Mainly because it unnecessarily pushes the cost upwards, pushing smartphone makers to use glass backs, while the wired charging option is much faster and safer. Even though the technology has been improved a lot, it’s still the slowest charging option as compared to other wired technologies.

While OnePlus has remained more of a high-end but affordable series, it has excluded this feature from their phones. But over the years, we saw OnePlus becoming more of a flagship brand, rather than a flagship-killer, as OnePlus phones also started shipping at high prices.

Even so, we can expect the cost go further upwards if the phones start shipping with Qi wireless charging support as well. The same applies to Oppo phones as well and we might see them getting a bit more expensive as well.

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