Punjab University and HEC Served with Legal Notices for Discriminating Against Visually Impaired Student

Punjab University (PU) and the Higher Education Department (HEC) have received notices from the Lahore High Court for alleged discrimination against a visually impaired student.

A visually impaired gold medallist, Kinza Javed, has moved to court after she was refused to ‘take Masters’ entrance exams’ at Punjab University.

The university management first refused to print an exam paper with large fonts and asked her to not appear in the entry test if she had an issue with that, the petition said.


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“Kinza was called and told to not show up for the exam, but later, after much pleading, was allowed to appear in the exam”, the petition added.

Due to small fonts, Kinza failed to attempt the exam properly and was later asked to leave the room without completing the test, the petition added.

She was then failed by a five-mark margin.

The petition has been accepted for hearing and the court has sent notice to concerned department and asked to send their representatives on the next hearing on January 30.