Govt to Launch Online Portal for Registration & Tax Payment of Phones

The government has come up with a new plan for international passengers who plan on bringing more than one mobile phones with them. You will no longer have to stand in the long queues to get the mobile phone(s) registered either at the airport or the Customs office.

Phone owners will soon be able to register their devices in just a few clicks.

According to the documents available with ProPakistani, the Ministry of Information Technology (IT), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and the members from Customs have informed the Senate Standing Committee on IT and Telecom that the government plans to launch a dedicated online portal for this task.

The passengers will be able to bring phone(s) to their homes without having to deal with Customs or airport officials and will be able to get their phones registered online within fifteen days of their arrival.

How To Register Phones Online?

  • International travelers will need to sign in to and submit a request for registration.
  • It will ask for an IMEI number for verification.
  • The system will make sure the provided IMEI number is unique, not cloned or reported stolen in its database.
  • Upon confirmation, the system will whitelist the unique IMEI number, and it will register it against your name.

In case of more than one phone, the owner will have to pay the due taxes before registering their phone. However, that will also be a simple online process.

How to Pay Customs Duty Online?

  • PTA and Ministry of IT informed the Senate Committee that the international passengers will also be able pay the Customs duty/tax through the web portal which will accept payments from all popular banks, ATMs or mobile wallets.
  • For payments, individuals will have to enter their CNIC, Passport no, and IMEI(s) and mobile specifications.
  • Upon verification, the system will generate a Payment Slip Identity (PSID) code along with duties and taxes.
  • Individuals will then pay the taxes via banks, mobile wallets or other payment sources.

As per PTA, the online portal system will be ready for soft testing on January 25.

  • Can someone confirm if the one Phone per year without taxes per person is for Passengers arriving to Pakistan OR this is correct for all citizens of Pakistan? i.e. if someone receives a phone via Courier or Postal service?

    • If you receive a phone via courier service, you’ll need to pay custom for every device upon custom department’s notification otherwise they’ll retain it to their office

  • in first glance I thought this is something about legs or trouser or tights, kind of information. then read the title of the article, I said Astaghfirullah. ha ha ha ;)

  • What if someone has sent the mobile as gift? How do we register that? Anybody has any idea?

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