Uber Lite Launches in Pakistan

In an attempt to strengthen its foothold in the South-Asian market, Uber launched a lite version of their application called Uber Lite back in June 2018. It wasn’t available in Pakistan at that time.

It’s a small application, just 4.5MB in size, so it is able to run smoothly on most entry-level smartphones as well. Moreover, its aimed at consumers who do not have a strong data connection or a good Wi-Fi connection.

Now Available in Pakistan

During its initial launch, the application was only available in India but it has now made its way to Pakistan. The application is available to download from the Play Store.

It is still in Early Access but that shouldn’t be an issue since the application is working as intended for now.


After downloading the app and launching the app for the first time you will immediately notice how minimalistic the UI is as compared to the full application.

Right at launch, you are greeted with the screen to set your pickup location. There’s a list of nearby places and you also have the option to pinpoint your location on the map but do note that this will consume more data.

Once you’ve set your pickup location you can move on, select your destination and it will show you the car types that are available in your city and also how far away they are from you.

And that’s it, you’re done. Probably the easiest way to book your next Uber.

Moreover, the application does allow you to have some functionalities from the full sized app such as checking your trip history, promotions, set up payment options and apply promo codes as well. The basic functionality is the same and it is actually much quicker to use the Lite application to get things done.

You can download Uber Lite by searching for it on the Play Store or by clicking here. Do note that it’s not available for iOS.

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