Muslim Family in US Stopped from Seeing a Newborn Because ‘They Looked Scary’

A US-based Muslim family has lodged a formal complaint with the local police after they were barred from entering a hospital in Chantilly, Virginia.

The incident reportedly occurred earlier this week when relatives of a newborn Muslim baby were stopped at the entrance of Inova Fair Oaks hospital in Virginia.

As per the details, the security guard intercepted the two when they were going in and forced them to leave telling them ‘they looked scary’ and that ‘nobody wants to see them there.’

The lady spoke to CNBC and said: “He screams at me and he tells, um… you’re not allowed to be here and then said, you know, you look scary. And my mom said, “Did he just call us scary?,” said the veiled woman Arwa Zahr, the aunt of the newborn.

When the father of the baby learned how his parents and sister were treated at the entrance, he decided to take the matter to the higher authorities of the hospital, but things got worse.

Ahmed Zahr, the father talked to the head nurse, who also the shift in-charge only to get this response.

“I tried to explain him my side of the story, and then my mother started telling him what happened with her, and he said: “Just close your mouth or I might kick you all out”.”

That wasn’t all…

The family says the head nurse went on to say that nobody wanted them there.

“He said nobody wants you here, you know… The nurses don’t want you, the doctors don’t want you here,” told Zahr to CNBC.

“That was surprising to me, we weren’t threating to anybody. No one had done anything [wrong],” Ahmed added.

“The matter is more hurtful for us because my parents have once volunteered as a chaplain at the same hospital,” he added.

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