Top Tech Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Bjørn Hansen, Vice President at Telenor Research, took a deep dive into the seven tech trends that will shape 2019. These seven trends identify the upcoming global developments in the IT industry and how these will shape the way people interact, consume, connect, and perceive the world around us this year.

Held at Telenor Pakistan Campus 345, the session showcased how responsibility resonates with these tech trends, and how technology can fit into our lives safely and positively. Studying the tech world’s advancements, setbacks, and successes in the previous years enables Telenor Research to identify these trends for the year 2019.

The study makes predictions on the proliferation of ‘deepfake’ content, increased public scrutiny of Artificial Intelligence, beginning of larger-scale 5G pilots & trials, enhanced industrial use of IoT (Internet of Things), huge growth of voice-controlled chatbots, lowering of screen time, and an increase in mobile-driven “green” tech in the year 2019.

This year, we’ll witness an enriched IoT ecosystem with the technology transforming various industries through smart solution integrations. 5G testing is also advancing with 5G islands appearing globally, connecting selected communities and business networks from Europe to North America and northeast Asia. 2019 will also see a rise in mobile-driven green technology that will help people live and consume more smartly than ever.

Artificial Intelligence has been in discussion the past few years, however, this is the year we might see public and private bodies setting AI governance frameworks and adopting new codes of conduct to ensure that they operate with high ethical standards. According to the study, we will see more of ‘deepfake’ content which is created when Deep Learning meets fake news.

This means more doctored photos and videos will surface making it harder to tell fact from fiction. Furthermore, while voice-activated chatbots will see growth leading to smarter voice-recognition applications, universal screen time is going to decrease as a result of increased awareness and discipline.

“It’s imperative that we know what developments have taken place in the recent past and what technology holds in store for our future, in order to harvest the benefits,” said Bjørn Hansen whiles speaking to the participants. “Our findings show that responsible tech is on the rise, even in the midst of technology’s rapid leaps. Tech used in the right way will contribute to the sustainable tomorrow,” he added.

Being a frontrunner in evolving the ICT ecosystem in the country, Telenor Pakistan believes that tech developments come with the need for reflection and being aware of their impact which, as per the new study’s findings, appears to be happening with users developing an approach of pragmatism and perspective towards technology.

  • Subsequent to Telenor talking trends 2019 @ Telenor345 to identiify these trends for th year 2019 adressed by Honorable Bjorn Hansen VP Telenor Research. As the study predictions enhanced scurtiny of AI, begining of 5G pilots, & trails, enhance industrial use of IOT, huge growth of voice controlled chatbots, lowering of screen time, increase in mobile driven “green tech” in 2019.
    Honorable Bjorn Hansen keynote address at the Telenor Research 345 which I missed very much.
    As you know in the world of science & technology its being said that w”ere at the begining of the 4th of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 1st Industrial Revolution brought in the age of production from iron, steel, coal, steam. Second Industrial Revolution Internal combustion engine & electricity. Third the Digital Revolution of Information Technology brought in by Personal Computer, cell phones, & the Internet. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has not begun, in Pakistan is likely with your address at Telenor 345 As Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IOT, 5G networks, 3D printing, Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Computing, Block Chain like technology, Bio-technology & Precision Distributed Ledgers Augmented Mobility.
    Bjorn Hansen Telenor Research we can see the 4th Industrial Revolution will begin in Pakistan and beyond in the developing nations.
    Pakistan regulatory authority has done 5G trails successfully almost ready for the Industrial Revolution to happen. The USF Pakistan is making all efforts, initiatives to make things happen, in various areas including renewable energies. I”ll also quote a statement from the German Economic Ministry which stated “Security of the future of 5G network and safety of product offered by telecoms., suppliers is highly relevant. The Govt., would be guided by such concerns in its buildout of the network.
    I seek access to progress, happenings of Telenor345 and your initiatives of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Pakistan in your collaborative initiatives. Regards Haroon Rashid

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