Alleged Images from Safe City Project Leak and Expose Private Lives of Citizens

The world is striving to build smart cities, as they are safer, more integrated, and allow the government to be more responsive in case of emergencies.

Pakistan also joined the digital revolution by launching the Punjab Safe City Project in May 2016. However, a few images which have been allegedly leaked from the project are making the rounds on social media.

While the images appear to be from Safe City Project, the DC Commissioner for Islamabad has emphasized that they are not from the capital city. He said,

This is not from Safe City Islamabad. I have double checked the code. The area is also not Islamabad. May be it’s a private CCTV or some other organization. In any case, leaking such pictures is condemnable.

Many have suggested they’re from Safe City Lahore but they also released a statement which says otherwise.


NAB Orders Investigation into Why 600 Out of 1800 Safe City Cameras Aren’t Working


The populace has expressed its shock and disgust on the leak of the pictures. Many of the people said that nobody has the right to invade the personal lives of the citizens.

The DC Commissioner’s statement and denial from Safe City Lahore raise more questions than answers.

If it’s not the Safe City Project, who has the authority to install CCTV cameras in public spaces where they can capture images of vehicles? And if they did, who is going to hold them accountable for leaking these pictures or not employing suitable privacy measures?

If it’s indeed the Safe City Project, the people responsible for maintaining the security and those who willingly violated it need to be brought to justice immediately.

  • May be dharna party don’t know what to do with these images… So they did what they like i.e share to social media

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  • Shame on those ppl who are opposing sharing of pics. There is no privacy left when you are on the roads. Any one can see you bcoz you are not sitting in your bed rooms.
    Shame on your thinking
    Due to coeducation nudity is spreading like fire. I have seen girls kissing boys in clubs they were caught but they didn’t have repent.
    Any one would like to see his family member sitting with a guy in a half nude style.

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  • Govt should be ashamed why they put cameras in public parkings. while these innocent people who are innocently cuddling and kissing half naked , are not doing any immoral activity are being harassed.Its a shameful act.Govt should resign over this

    • I agree, let them have a go at each others spouses brothers and sisters in public places as they may have restriction at home play. Introduction of these gadgets tend to discourage these loving activities and hence the objections.

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