Check Out This Rare Waterspout in Pakistani Waters [Video]

Waterspouts are a common phenomenon in tropical and subtropical waters. Their occurrence on a Pakistani coast is a rare incident and one such event was recorded near the Sindh coast.

It was the first recorded waterspout in Pakistan after almost three years.

A WWF-Pakistan-trained fisherman has reported seeing a waterspout two days ago while operating in the offshore waters of Pakistan.

The fisherman, Captain Saeed Zaman, was fishing for tuna at around 57 nautical miles from the coastline in offshore waters at Ghora Bari, Sindh coast. During the latter part of the day, he recorded this rare weather phenomenon. The waterspout looked just like a tornado.

Notably, the same phenomenon was reported by a fisherman on February 28, 2016, near Sakoni (near Kalmat Khor), Balochistan.

Zaman told that the massive waterspout was coming towards the boat, but he managed to escape it in time. He said that he noticed a large cloud on the morning of 22nd January and the waterspout was descending out of that cloud.

The waterspout was also seen by the other fishing boats operating in the area.

What is a Waterspout?

A waterspout is actually a column of cloud-filled wind circling over an ocean’s surface. It descends from a cumulus cloud and the water inside it is formed by condensation in the cloud.

Waterspouts are of two types, fair-weather and tornadic. Both types require relatively warm water temperature than the air above and high levels of humidity to form.

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