Samsung Galaxy S10 Series’ Price and Live Image Leaks

Samsung is close to launching its much-awaited flagship for the year, the Galaxy S10 at a February event, and the smartphone community is getting hyped as the date approaches.

Pretty much every time Samsung is about to launch a new flagship, the phone and its variants already appear in rumors and images, and we expect most of the details to become available ahead of launch.

Till now, we know most of the specifications of the S10 series and we’ve seen the design in leaked renders. Recently, we also got to know the price of each variant.

Live Image Leak

Just now, a live image of a Galaxy S10+ – the top-of-the-line variant – surfaced on the web showing the phone’s front-facing dual selfie cameras.

Take a look for yourself below:

As you can see, most of the phone’s body has been concealed behind a sticker, while the sides have a cover which shows that this image belongs to an S10+ prototype. The image might have leaked through the hands of an employee or some other tester.

But we can still see the front-facing cameras. The screen is turned off but the image gives a good glimpse of the new flagship’s unique front camera design, which was already known to be placed in a display hole.

The lower-spec variants – the S10 and S10 lite – will get a single camera module on the front instead, but in a similar punch-hole placement.

Price, Memory, & Color Options

In a recent leak, we also came to know the S10 trio’s price in Europe, which gives a good estimate on what the phone will get sold for in rest of the world.

Other than that, the price leak also disclosed storage, RAM, and color options, as well as their respective prices.

The price rundown is as follows:

  • Galaxy S10+:
    • 6 GB/128 GB – €1,050
    • 8 GB/512 GB – €1,300
    • 12 GB/1 TB – €1,600
  • Galaxy S10:
    • 6 GB/128 GB – €930
    • 8 GB/512 GB – €1,180
  • Galaxy S10 lite:
    • 6 GB/128 GB – €780

Seeing the price options, Samsung is certainly not going easy on the storage sizes and the prices. If you want more storage, you are bound to buying more RAM which pushes the cost further upwards. The thing, however, is that the phones have a microSD slot so you can work with that to reduce the price and increase the storage.

As for color options, see the image below:

The S10 lite is getting a Yellow version, while the S10+ is reported to get two additional special non-ceramic versions.

The trio will be unveiled on February 20 and should hit the stores by March 8.

  • Galaxy S10+:

    6 GB/128 GB – €1,050 + Naya Pakistan Tax – Rs 62,000 = 228,000 (Approx)
    8 GB/512 GB – €1,300 + Naya Pakistan Tax – Rs 75,000 = 282,000 (Approx)
    12 GB/1 TB – €1,600 + Naya Pakistan Tax – Rs 96,000 = 349,000 (Approx)

    Galaxy S10:

    6 GB/128 GB – €930 + Naya Pakistan Tax – Rs 55,000 = 202,760 (Approx)
    8 GB/512 GB – €1,180 + Naya Pakistan Tax – Rs 68,000 = 255,480 (Approx)

    Galaxy S10 lite:

    6 GB/128 GB – €780 + Naya Pakistan Tax – Rs 48,000 = 172,000 (Approx)

    Merey Pakistaniyo Ghabrana nahi hai.

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