ISPR Rejects Indian Media’s False Propaganda Against Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army has categorically denied an Indian newspaper’s report that Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, approached his Indian counterpart for peace talks.

A leading Indian newspaper reported today that the two army chiefs have served “together in a UN Peacekeeping force in Congo a decade ago” and that General Bajwa used his previous connection to bring India on peace table.

Here’s what Hindustan Times report said, “Gen Bajwa, concerned about Pakistan’s international isolation and a faltering economy, quietly reached out to archrival India about resuming peace talks, but the response was tepid”. According to the newspaper, the outreach was directed at Gen Rawat. The two army chiefs served together in a UN Peacekeeping force in Congo a decade ago, that report added.”

Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major-General Asif Ghafoor, refuted the report and said that the story was factually incorrect.

“Hindustan Times reports that COAS had approached Indian COAS for talks & that both had served together in Congo. The story is factually incorrect. COAS has neither approached Indian COAS nor has served with him in Congo.”

DG ISPR further emphasized that the “decision for talks is prerogative of both the governments” and the army has no role in it.

  • Indians always like to convert everything into a silly bollywood movie. Their army is pretty much a branch of bollywood.

  • In my opinion if Gen Bajwa approached Indian army chief as a former colleague in a peace keeping mission. This must be appreciated & taken positive. Both countries can not afford war , its enough & over. Look at the world how they are resolving their issues. Matured approach must be exercised from both sides. Live Long Pakistan Pakistan Zinda Baad , Pak Army Zinda Baad

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