Pakistani Man Fined in UAE for Posting Against Emirates Airline on Social Media

Posting derogatory pictures of animals and air hostesses with animal faces on Facebook has landed a Pakistani steward in trouble as a result of a Police complaint filed by Emirates airline for slandering the airline’s image over social media.

The suspect is reported to have posted videos and photos of offensive content on Facebook from a bogus profile. Emirates found the photos of animals walking in and out of different flights and air hostesses in official uniforms with photoshopped animal faces.

Following the investigations by Dubai Police’s Cybercrime Wing, the steward was arrested from his residence for deriding his employer organization. He appeared before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court in October 2018 where he denied any wrongdoing, saying that he would never do anything to malign the image of Emirates. He also claimed the actions to be the work of some hacker and that the profile did not belong to him.

A Dubai Court fined the steward with Dh 20,000 for defaming Emirates on Wednesday. An airline security official testified in the court, saying:

In one of the photos, he posted the image of an EK work ID. When we checked the bar code of that ID in our system, it turned out to be one of our staff [the suspect]. The Facebook account that had the images bore his name.

The case is now in the appeals court with the next hearing scheduled in February.

Via Gulf News

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