Major US Senator Wants a Free Trade Agreement With Pakistan

United States Senator, Lindsey Graham, has reportedly proposed a Free Trade Agreement to Pakistan in return for the country’s efforts to end the 18-year long Afghan war through peace talks.

The Republican was in Pakistan last week for the same reason, where he also urged the US President Donald Trump to meet with Prime Minister Imran Khan and change the strategic relationship with the new government in a press briefing on Sunday.

During a recent visit to Afghanistan, the closest ally of the US President was reported to have floated the idea of an FTA. He said:

If we can go to Pakistan and put a free trade agreement on the table to get the Pakistanis to push the Taliban to the peace table, and you can end the Afghan war.

Earlier, Donald Trump also expressed his willingness to meet Imran Khan.

Senator Graham said that he was looking at two proposals, a FTA for Pakistan and an Imran-Trump meeting, however, the diplomatic circles in the US believe that the two can be realized only if Washington is satisfied with the new government’s efforts to achieve a negotiated settlement to the Afghan war.

Media reports suggest that despite being an ardent supporter of military presence in the war-torn country, Senator Graham agrees with Imran for reconciling with the Taliban following his visit to Islamabad.

The change of attitude comes following Mr. Trump’s desire to stop wasting billions on a war which has no end in sight.

Via Dawn

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