Punjab Police Arrest and Abuse a Careem Manager

Officials of the Punjab Police harassed and arrested a Careem Manager for refusing to share a captain’s information with them. A video of the incident has surfaced where the police officials can be seen hurling abuses at the manager before dragging him into the police vehicle.

As per the details, the police officials had visited the office of the online ride-hailing service on Thursday and demanded information of a particular car.

Warning: Extremely abusive language is used in the following video. Viewer discretion is advised.

However, the Careem manager present at the office asked them to fill out a form first. He told them that he was required to follow the due protocol and not allowed to take any action involving information of an employee or a customer under the company rules.

Upon this, the police officers dragged the manager out of the office and took him to the police station. Not only this, but they hurled abuses and threats at the manager while pushing and dragging him towards the vehicle.

It is a well-established fact that every employee is bound to follow the rules and regulations of a company. He or she cannot divulge any confidential information without authorization or following the required protocols.

Via: PakistanToday

  • Seriously Punjab has become a police state and this is going far every day by day this has to be stopped or someday people start taking law in their hands like people did with few criminals previously cuase har cheez ki kui had hoti hai jo ye Punjab police already par kar chukki hai ye bholte ja rahe hain ke inko Awam ki safety ke lia rakha tha na ke paisse wale aur power wale logon ke lia kaam karne ko. lanat ho inn par jo kisi ke maa behan ke iss tarhan sarak pe galiyan dete hain aur usse bi ziyada hum pori qoum par jo wahan khare ho kar video zaror banane lag jate hain par kui kisi ki help karne ki try nai karta zulm tu phir issi tarhan barhe ga.

    • Dear brother ,they dont ask for any zaid, Bakr’s information unless he is involved in something.Manger would have act and behave like a law abiding citizen and help them with the matter, instead he preferred to be a hero and learned his lesson, and you said Police ko awam ki hifazat k liye rakha hua ha tu mere piyary bhai wo apny taya jaan se liya hua udhar wasool krny ni thy aye,ap jese kisi shareef admi ki complaint pe kisi particular captain ki malomat leiny aye hon gy.Plz soch badlo

      • Dear I appreciate your comment over my response but see below comments from other this is exactly what I meant that their should be a some polite way to handle the situation otherwise I totally agree with Mr. Mudassar kisi ne 2-4 police wale thok dne hain.

  • The Police dept. didn’t learn lesson from previous incident, they keep pushing Govt. to restrict their authority.

  • Jb tk 2-4 police waloon ko phansi nai ho ge tb tk inn ki tabiyat thek nai honi, werna kisi din kisi bandy ne 2-4 police waly thook dainy hain

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