Meet Dr. Ibraheem, the Man Using Fit3D Technology to Revolutionize Fitness in Pakistan [Interview]

Fitness and health are all the rage these days, and with the recent launch of the first-ever Fitness Diagnostic Lab in Pakistan.

ProPakistani had a chance to talk with the person behind this endeavor, Dr. Ibraheem Naeem, Co-founder & Country Head of Fitness Diagnostic Lab, about how he has brought a whole new idea of health & fitness to Pakistan.

Let’s see what he says about the new technology and what it brings to the table.

  • How did this idea come to you about bringing Fit3D technology to Pakistan and what was the motivation behind bringing this idea here?

You know, gyms and nutrition clinics across Pakistan are facing a big bottleneck in services that they offer. The bottleneck is that the clients leave their facilities dissatisfied with the results. And the reason is very simple. It takes a long time to get fit and you need constant guidance and motivation from a dedicated and educated personal trainer, right?

However, in Pakistan, there is a scarcity of high-quality trainers and nutritionists who can guide people in the right direction and ensure that they receive observable results. Hence, most people become dissatisfied with these services. So in order to bridge the gap between expectation and reality, I decided to bring to Pakistan a technology such as Fit3D which does a full body 3D scan and provides you a fitness and wellness report within 2 minutes of the scan. This shows you, in great detail, the current state of your fitness.

What this will do is that it will motivate hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis into understanding the gap in their fitness journey and then push them towards their fitness targets, hence playing the role of an educated and qualified fitness and nutrition trainer as well as providing constant motivation.

  • In your view, what is the most important aspect of this new technology?

Well, the most important aspect of this new technology is the fact that it shows you exactly what your fitness and wellness looks like – in that it gives an actual visual representation of your fitness and health in terms of a 3D Avatar as well as various measurements and metrics.

You can never see these types of measurements from any other device or technology or even mirrors or weighing scales. Not even a trainer or nutritionist can give you information about your fitness as detailed as this device can.

Starting from the 3D Avatar to circumferential measurements, to body composition, posture analysis, and finally a wellness assessment that predicts that whether you will develop obesity-related illnesses in the future – the Fit3D scan covers almost all major health and fitness metrics.

  • Are there any health-related benefits to this technology?

There is no technology in Pakistan existing at the moment that shows you what Fit3D can tell you regarding your health and fitness.

For example, through the simple 2-minute scan, you can find out whether you are at risk for heart disease, high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, arthritis, joint issues and other obesity-related complications in the future.

So, you know whether you are going to be healthy or not based on your current fitness level. That is extremely important information to have, especially in order to get motivated towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • What is the procedure for getting a scan?

It’s quite simple actually. You stand on a device wearing body fitting gym clothes or in your undergarments, however you wish, and the device rotates you 360 degrees within 35 seconds while you stand on the turntable.

While rotating, infrared sensors scan your body and within 2 minutes of the scan ending, a report is sent to your email as well as to your online cloud-based Fit3D account, which is accessible from any Internet-enabled device (phone, computer etc).

  • Are the rays used by the device harmful in any way? 

Well, the infra-red technology that is used in the device is the same technology that is used within the Xbox gaming console, in particular, the Kinect add-on device that is used with the Xbox to enable the remote controller to be able to move the character on the screen by waving the remote.

So this means our technology is extremely safe for children as well as pregnant women. There is absolutely no contraindication or medical condition that may rule you out of getting your scan.

  • How accurate is the avatar that Fit3D develops? (How do you claim the avatar that Fit3D develops is accurate enough to help people with their weight loss journey?)

The infrared rays scan your body on 1,200 points; after that, the device, using proprietary software and analytics, make a 3D avatar of your body which is extremely precise in its results – down to the millimeter.

So when people see their avatar, they can actually zoom in, rotate and see all angles of their body. That helps them visualize what they actually look like in a way they have never seen before.

The avatar actually has replaced the mirror for many who enthusiastically continue to get these scans rather than comparing themselves in the mirror.

  • What are the possible areas (doctors, gym instructors, etc.) where these scans can be useful?

The scan is valuable for a lot of professionals who are related with health, wellness, and fitness such as doctors (in particular, general practitioners, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic doctors), physiotherapists, nutritionists, and fitness instructors. There are also potential applications for the apparel and insurance industries, which we plan to explore very soon.

  • How does this scan claim to be the future of the fitness and wellness industry according to you?

We believe the scan will completely revolutionize the fitness landscape in Pakistan because, until now, there was no tool that could show people the results they are getting from their fitness and nutritional activities and diet modifications.

But now there is a technology that shows people what they have always wanted to know and what they always keep guessing at which is their “results”. Basically, it is taking the guessing game out of the picture and telling people exactly where they are in their fitness journey.

You will see an increase in client retention across gyms in Pakistan, as well as across nutrition clinics, physiotherapy clinics, and doctors and medical clinics across Pakistan, as you see the scan being taken by more and more Pakistanis over the next few months and years.

  • How do you link this device to fitness & wellness or because it shows measurements how can you associate it with the apparel industry?

Absolutely, as I mentioned earlier, one of the areas we are looking to explore in the future is within the booming apparel industry. The highly accurate measurements that Fit3D presents are going to actually replace the manual measurements of tailors.

Hence in the next few years, we expect that the whole apparel industry will start recommending its clients to get Fit3D scans to get accurate measurements for standardized clothing rather than going to tailors.

  • Do you think that this will make other yardsticks of measuring fitness or weight loss less desirable or obsolete?

Yes, we do think that due to the superior technology of Fit3D, it’s going to make other fitness measurement technologies such as body composition devices obsolete.

In fact, we are seeing this trend already across Pakistan; the top gyms, nutrition clinics, physiotherapy clinics, and aesthetic clinics have already expressed interest in this tech, with many joining hands as our partners and opting to place a Fit3D device in their facility while throwing out their existing fitness devices.

  • How do you see this technology progressing in the next few years?

We see this technology becoming a household name within the next five years, where doctors are going to be prescribing a Fit3D scan as part of their routine health check-ups, where physiotherapists are going to start relying on a Fit3D scan as an essential diagnostic tool for patients with back pain, postural issues or foot pain, where aestheticians, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic clinics will start relying on Fit3D results for their fat loss procedures, where nutritionists will start relying on the device as an essential tracker of results when their clients follow their prescribed diet plans.

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