Which Telco Offers the Best 3G and 4G Services in Pakistan? [Survey Results]

A short while ago, we decided to conduct a survey on ProPakistani, asking our readers who they thought had the best 3G/4G services in Pakistan.

Around 8000 people participated and the results are quite telling.

Before we move on to the results, we’d like to mention that we ensured that no one would be able to vote more than once through the use of cookies and IP addresses.

It’s also worth mentioning that the results aren’t necessarily indicative of the actual speeds or quality of the respective high-speed mobile internet networks of different telcos – rather, it’s about the perception they have among common users in Pakistan.

Without further ado, here are the results.


Zong beat the rest of the telcos by a significant margin by getting almost half the votes.

Jazz was second with 31.9% of the total votes.

Zong and Jazz got over 81% of the total votes while Telenor and Ufone collectively got just 19% of the votes. This shows that there is a huge difference in the perceived quality of Zong and Jazz when compared to Telenor and Ufone.

  • Zong are bigged dash log ever. I have been using their super card service (rs. 500 one) for several months and never had any issues. This month apparently after using super card for 12 days, i started getting automated message on trying to connect calls that i don’t have any balance left. I thought that my off net minutes have probably finished so i loaded up another super card. After 3 days same issue started happening.

    Upon this i used Zong app and came to know that i have 150 minutes off net minutes left. I called 310 and asked Zong support that why am i having this issue? The dude said you have this issue because your balance is less than 1 rupees. And Zong doesn’t take any responsibility for that, if your balance is less than 1 rupees then this package doesn’t works.

    I told him that if it has been working for 3 days then magically stopped working, how is that possible? Because my balance is at 1 rupees, how did my balance get any lower? In super card you get everything so how tf did my balance get lower in 3 days? He told me your package worked before, all in good but this is company policy and bla bla. Basically he was giving no shit and was very cold to me in responses. I asked him that atleast fkin notify me that my balance is less than rs. 1 so package won’t work, he said we don’t do that.

    So at end yeah i had to load up another rs. 50 balance to get the package working… i wasted Rs. 550 on this BS. Such stuff has never happened with my brother’s ufone super card package who has been using it for years.

    TL;DR, Zong customer support extremely bad. Super card doesn’t works if balance less than rs. 1 but may magically work for several days.

    • every telco has call setup charges of some paisas (.10 maybe) not sure, so maybe after some calls it got below the minimum balance point and it stopped allowing you for future calls

      • Instead of being an a**hole that dude should have told me this. Now it makes sense and it kind of sucks. It means that if i load a rs. 500 supercard, i can make only 10 calls since Zong actually charge 499 rupees.

      • Not Ufone… Nobody in my family loads anything other than supercard and things just work… actual bayfikri in this regard but in Kamra ufone 3G speed is bad.

    • Its because of that interconnect / call setup charge of 0.10 to 0.15 these telecos have. Its sucks away all the money, hence you cant go beyond 1 rupee. Jazz does the same

  • I think in Islamabad, Jazz is no.1 and Zong is no.2
    but in central and southern punjab, zong is on top.

  • ZONG is the best network of Pakistan.
    Because it’s call rate is so ? down. And the internet speed of ZONG is mind blowing.
    Signal strength is also so good.
    Jazz 3G and 4G not available in our aria Now a day. That,s not good for it

  • Zong is the best for internet services even i m using ufone but the best in service is zong

  • Zong is crap these days. I have lodged a complaint against slow speed and it has been nearly a month and still there is no response. Every time I call they say that they are working on it.

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