Official: Petrol Prices Slashed for February 2019

Earlier we reported that OGRA has presented a summary for the reduction of petroleum prices.

Now, according to an official document available with ProPakistani, the government has issued the new prices for Ms 92 RON petrol, High-Speed Diesel, Kerosene Oil, and Light Diesel Oil.

As mentioned in the document, the price for High-Speed Diesel will remain the same at Rs. 106.68 per liter. Petrol price has been decreased by Rs. 0.59, going from Rs. 90.97 to Rs. 90.38 per liter.

Kerosene Oil’s price has fallen to Rs. 82.25 per liter from Rs. 82.98 per liter, while Light Diesel Oil’s price has decreased to Rs. 75.03 from Rs. 75.28 per liter.

These prices shall be applicable from February 1st, 2019 to February 28th, 2019.

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  • proposed petrol (92 RON) price for January 2019 by the Government was PKR 90.97, but still it was observed that NO petrol/gas station implied to follow the orders and instead the price was set at either PKR 91.44 or PKR 91.40 at fuel pumps…..WHY??

  • PMLN k dour main to kehty thy k Petrol par zyada margin lia jata hy, ab kya ho gya? IK must change this obsolete tax system

    • Yeah Tab Ye NahI Pata tha Nawaz League Kitna Khate hai Kitna Lagate hai
      Ane K Bad Pata Chala Pocket Main Kuch Chora He Nahi Nawaz Walo Ne
      To Mulk Chalane K Liye Paisa Kaha Se Laye Phir Qarza Lo to Mou Ban Jaye Sub Ka

      • Bhai, apko kuch pta b hy k yeh system kesy chal rha hy? Apko kya lagta hy k petrol k pesy sy mulk chal rha hy? Apko system ki samajh nahi is liye main apko mazeed samjhany sy qasir hoon. ALLAH mery mulk ko salamat rakhy, chahy PTI ho ya PMLN, PPP, jo b ghalat kam kry, CONDEMN karain, har baat ko defend krna kisi party sy mohabbat ka saboot nahi, aqal sy dushmani na karain

        • IK must change this obsolete tax system? Can I know why do you call it obsolete? Mtlb Government tax lena hi chor de, because you think so k a state can not be run with SIRF PETROL KA PAISA. what does that even suppose to mean? Please help me understand this.

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