Fatima Group Launches Placement Program for Exceptional Future Graduates

As the final semester kicks in, the Placement Offices across the country start to get flooded with the soon-to-be-graduates as they begin their hunt for career-making job opportunities. The struggle is real – we’ve all been through it. But alas, this too shall pass!

For Placement Offices and students alike, it will no doubt be a crazy recruitment season as organizations from across Pakistan come to your campuses to interact with you and launch their campaigns. So while all of you are neck deep in trying to balance your scholarly pursuits with job placements, we’ve taken the liberty to do some of the work for you.

With an annual turnover of over $1 billion, Fatima Group is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing national conglomerates with businesses spanning from its well-known presence in Fertilizers, Chemicals, Textiles, Packaging, and Energy. And guess what?! It’s looking for the best and the brightest to propel its businesses nationally.

Why Connect with Fatima Group?

Fatima group is striving to make a mark as the Employer of Choice for young graduates and has taken some particularly interesting initiatives to open its doors to you. With a Fertilizer plant in Sadiqabad spanning over 950 acres, Fatima Group invited students from various universities to spend a weekend with them. From visiting the heart of the Ammonia and Urea plants, accessibility to the Golf Course, Management Club facilities and topped off with lavish lunches and dinners with the senior management, it was the perfect opportunity for young minds to experience life at Fatima.

In another initiative, Fatima Group has engaged its senior management to deliver talks in various universities, including LUMS, LSE, UET, UMT, and others with an ambition to listen to the voice of the youth and to curate their career paths in today’s competitive job market.

Empower to Lead (E2L)

Now for the main event, we got to speak to the team behind Fatima Group’s Empower to Lead Program; and we have some interesting facts for you!

This year Fatima Group is looking to hire over 70 Management Trainee Officers (MTOs) and Graduate Trainee Engineers (GTEs) to cater to both its engineering and its business needs through its Empower to Lead Program. Yes, you read it right – 70!

The program is structured to give you exposure to all functions within the organization before placing you in your parent function. A well thought through learning & development model is put in place for Fatima Group’s new hires to inculcate and monitor the growth trajectory of every single individual.

The process is simple. Fatima Group will be coming to your campus and conduct corporate presentation (don’t miss the opportunity to get complete details about the end to end process). The presentation will be followed by an online test. The superstars who clear this first stage will have to demonstrate their skills in a screening interview. The screening interview clearing lot will then be invited to participate in the assessment center in which they will pit their wits against the brightest and boldest from across Pakistan and then lastly conclude the process with a final interview with Fatima’s top management.

If all of this doesn’t sound promising, consider this: Fatima Group is one of the largest fertilizer concerns in Pakistan. With an industry size of approximately 9 million metric tons, the entire production capacity of Pakistan falls short by a whopping 1 million metric tons. The only way forward is the way to growth!

Keep your eyes and ears open! Fatima Groups HR will be visiting your campus very soon. If a promising career in a rapidly growing national conglomerate focused greatly on sustaining the backbone of the Pakistani economy is something that excites you then this is one opportunity that you really don’t want to miss!

If you haven’t yet, bookmark the date when Fatima Group will be coming to your Campus. Now go off to your placement office to get all the details.