Passenger Horrified to Find a Worm in Food on a PIA Flight

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is notorious for making headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time, it was a live worm in the food provided to one of the passengers during a flight to London.

To passenger’s disgust, his plate not only featured Kheer but a creepy crawler as well.

The video recorded by the passenger made rounds on social media, slandering the national carrier’s reputation even more.

PIA’s slogan of ‘Great people to fly with’ could well be changed with ‘Not-so-great worms to fly with’. The customer made sure no one ate any of the food served aboard the flight as he created a commotion and the rest of the passengers returned their food uneaten as well.

PIA Spokesperson, Mashood Tajwar, promised to get the matter investigated, saying the food was purchased from a local caterer in Lahore and not prepared in PIA’s own kitchens.

The explanation, by no means, justifies the presence of a worm inside a food item.

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    • from the video it’s hard to tell that it’s even an airline……and that’s exactly what standard of PIA is

  • Itny sasty Ticket main Protein de rahy hain aur Nashukri qoum ultiyan karti phr rhi hai. Thank you Kaptan aap k 6 months main ab Meethy main bhe Protein milny laga hai PIA main. :)

    • Hum Pakistan Ko China Bana Denge : Jaha Kursi Plang Ko Chor K Sub Kha Sakte hai :

      ImranKhan Chee Fong

  • Sajawal Rehman is post ke Feature Image to koye aur laga dain. Kissi ganday alien ke picture lag rahi hai woh.

  • This was from Lahore to London flight so food made in Pakistan. London to Lahore – food made by non pia kitchen and it is quite good in my opinion. So there seems to have been a lapse in either the pia kitchen in Lahore/Karachi or wherever PIA got their food from in Lahore.

    Obviously, this looks bad on PIA and I hope stricter measures are taken in future.
    Tickets are also pricey especially in summer circa £800 now. Still cheaper than the ME and Turkish airlines though

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