Govt to Stabilize Prices of Daily Commodities Via Mobile App

The government has decided to form a committee to develop a proper system to stabilize the prices of household items. The decision was taken during a meeting headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan today.

The committee, headed by Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, will launch a Mobile application that will update consumers with the prices of the commodities on a daily basis.

The consumers will not only be able to discourage overcharging but can also complain against the shop owners selling low-quality substandard goods.

A similar app was successfully tested by the Punjab government last month in Sialkot.

The District administration of Sialkot launched an app named ‘Qeemat Sialkot’ which updates users with the prices of household commodities such as vegetables, fruits, and other food items listed by the government on a daily basis.

The cabinet was given a presentation on the trend in the prices of essential commodities by the statistics division.

The members were told that compared to the previous government’s first six months, PTI’s performance is better.

It pointed out that inflation during the first six months of the previous government increased by 5.8 percent in comparison to only 1.4 percent in the first six months of the PTI government.

The statistics division told the cabinet that the prices of several household items, including green pepper, channa, garlic, onion, pulses, eggs, cabbage and petrol have witnessed a decline.

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