Man Files Case Over Cat Killed in Road Accident

A citizen of Karachi has filed a complained in court against a woman for hitting his cat in a road accident.

As per the details, the woman was driving through the South Zone when her car ran over the unfortunate cat. The incident happened in the vicinity of Darakhshan Police Station, Defense Housing Authority Phase VIII on February 1.


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The complainant contended that states protect animal rights all over the world. He demanded the Police and Judiciary to take measures for the protection of animals.

Notably, there is only one law prevailing in Pakistan, i.e., Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1890. According to the experts, this law is insufficient to protect animal rights and the recognition of their welfare.

Moreover, the Sindh government had drafted a bill in 2018 that recognizes animal rights. The bill also recognizes shelter and safety as inalienable rights of animals. However, the bill still awaits enforcement.

  • Pro bhai log at least pic to kisi achi billi ki laga dete, ye to chapal khane se pehle walay shakal hai billi ki.. :P

  • The Police should now investigate the claim of the alleged owner of the cat. As far as I remember, when they showed the dead cat, it looked like a stray, without any collar. If he was the owner, Police should check if was treating the cat with care like proper food (so as to prevent cat from leaving home to search for scraps in dumpsters, thereby exposing to harms way), vaccination history and proper ID collar.
    If the owners do not provide pet with proper food and vaccination, it is the owner of the pet that should be punished on putting animal in harms way and criminal negligence (cats with infectious diseases can disable or even kill people if infected).

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