The Warehouse Launches Artist Shop To Promote Artists in Pakistan

The Warehouse has introduced Artist Shop, an amazing platform for aspiring artists who have sound understanding and appreciation of how aesthetics and trends work, enabling them to showcase their talent.

About The Warehouse

The Warehouse specializes in customized printing of clothing items, home decors, accessories and much more. The company has been working to escalate the art and aesthetic aspects, giving life to the spontaneity of people’s choice of designs on their favorite products.

The Warehouse believes that they can empower their target audience to give them a chance at designing their own products and selling them through their platform.

How the Artist Shop Works

If you’re a digital artist, graphics designer or an influencer who has great reach; this platform is meant for you.

As an onboard artist, you will be a part of an online art community whose designed products will be displayed and sold on The Warehouse’s platform via a digital shop that will be created with your trademark name on their website. It’s a zero cost investment opportunity with lifelong earnings. For every piece sold, you will be enjoying a certain amount of profit that will instantly drop into your wallet.

You can promote your designs through various ways including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email marketing & even paid media online if you have a grip on that. The Warehouse will be launching an online academy soon where you can learn how to promote your designs amongst masses.

The Benefits You’ll Get

  • The benefit will not be limited to a fixed amount of profit, it will be varied according to your provided range above the base price.
  • From the production of your proposed product to the timely delivery at your customer’s doorstep, it will be handled by The Warehouse. You won’t have to deal with the hassle.
  • You can build up your own brand by your unique designs of the product. By that means, you can enjoy a good boost to your already existing brand or a new one.
  • Customer service and feedback are the vital sources of any brand which elevates or brings them down drastically. In the Artist shop, The Warehouse will take care of your brand image and queries and that too promptly.
  • There is no time or selling limit to get your profit withdrawn. You can withdraw your readily available amount in a 30 days cycle and your profit will be deposited in your bank account within 7 business days once your withdrawal request is received.

Design Challenge

Also, The Warehouse runs a design competition monthly and this time it’s related to PSL & cricket. If you think your design could make a difference, you can win cash prizes of Rs. 10,000/-, you can submit your design here;

So, if you have an idea that you want to give life to and it has the potential to appeal to millions of people, then The Warehouse’s Artist Shop is your best bet. There are a number of benefits and key features to be had from the Artist Shop that will enlighten you with the whole structure and how it works.

We are giving you an offer for a joint venture that will always be available to you.

So what are you waiting for? Join Artist Shop now.

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