Punjab Govt to Introduce Google, Microsoft Courses for School Students

Punjab’s Education Minister, Murad Raas, says that the province is going to introduce certified courses in software development from Google and Microsoft for high school students.

Raas said that he is in talks with Google and Microsoft to this effect.

He further said that both companies will be officially coming to the country for the first time this year.

The minister said that this decision has been taken to augment the skills of high school students.


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“I have asked them that not all kids are going to go to school after tenth grade. And that is just the way it is, we cannot change that. So I said not every child has to become a plumber, not every child is going to work at a store. Why can’t we give them better skills? Because the new world is technology,” said the minister.

He said that these kids should be offered software development courses in ninth and tenth grades so they can go to work early if they drop out of school or college.

“These kids, let’s say even if they drop out after tenth, they will have a certification of Microsoft,” said the provincial minister.

These comments by the minister have surfaced on the official Twitter handle of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The tweet shows the provincial minister making the announcement.

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  • What Does Mean By “High School” ?
    A High Fee School ?
    A High Building School ?
    A High Quantity of Student of School ?
    A High Class Family Student School ?
    A High Class Area School ?

    • By God, i ever listen in Pakistan High Class means Secondary School, you are trying to make further categories.

    • bro Highschool means grade 9th through 12th (what you call matric and inter in Pakistan). Us se pehle middle school hota ha aur us se pehle Elementary.

  • What a stupid idea !

    Instead of improving education for the poor and actually employing development budgets now being spent on the usual elite, now PTI wants to give commercial vendors a free reign.

    Better, why not let Google, Alibaba, and Amazon etc run the country too? They can do a much better job than the clowns our illiterate public keeps voting for.

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