Supreme Court Rejects Bahria Town’s Settlement Offer of Rs. 405 Billion

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has rejected yet another offer made by Bahria Town to settle the case of illegal allotments – this time of Rs. 405 billion.

The counsel of the real estate giant had made a revised multibillion-dollar offer during the hearing on Thursday – just a day after the Apex Court ordered the National Accountability Court (NAB) to file a reference against Bahria Town.

The management of Bahria Town offered to pay the said amount in several installments over 12 years.


SC Rejects Another Settlement Offer from Bahria Town

According to the offer, the business mogul will submit an amount of Rs. 2 billion every month for the first six years – and Rs. 1 billion per month for the rest of the period. But, the top court observed that the money offered did not suffice for the thousands of acres of land that Malik Riaz acquired illegally.

In the previous hearing on January 22, the management of the housing society had offered Rs. 358 billion to legalize its current schemes.

“In 2014, Supreme Court had directed the real estate mogul to pay Rs. 225 billion to legalize 7,000 acres of land. If one marks that up by 40 percent [to account for inflation, other factors], the number comes up to Rs 315 billion,” Justice Saeed had noted.


Supreme Court Rejects Bahria Town’s Settlement Offer of Rs. 250 Billion

He insisted that the offer of Rs. 315 billion was just for 7,068 acres of land, not for all 16,896 acres of land.

“We’re not haggling over tomatoes here,” Justice Saeed fumed.

    • Aqal k nakhun ly. 16000 acres in just Karachi

      & Yeh Bahira Town walay 405 billion offer kr rhy & wo bhi 12 years main. 12 years kis ne dekhy hain?

    • That’s how it’s done all over the world. You have to pay the damages to the people and the government first, plus jail time if the prosecution goes for it.

  • well, the main issue here is that lots of innocent people has bought properties there with their hard earned money, so yeah supreme court can’t do anything about that, they can’t just simply shut down Bahria Town. But they can ask Bahria town owner to pay up the equal estimated amount of money worth the level of corruption they did. You should see here that supreme court DID reject this offer, which means MUK MUKKA culture is slowly diminishing, supreme court wants the amount equal to actual land that Malik Riaz illegally acquired… We should consider that atleast this is happening in NAYA PAKISTAN, In PURANA PAKISTAN, Malik Riaz was Sharif family’s best friend and was gunning to acquire more land illegally this year if they had won the election…

      • Well my research does say that Shahbaz Sharif after winning election was gonna “Ghaseet Zardari on Roads”, but after winning election they did “suhaagraat with each other” on Roads… LOL…

        • So you have nothing more to say on the false claims that you made after I pointed out your mistake? I see you’re playing the diversion game. As for Shahbaz Shareeb and his many unfulfilled promises, I don’t give a toss. He got what he deserved in the end. You people think that if somebody disagrees with PTI, then automatically he is in support of the Shareefs. Get some perspective; there are still some sensible people in the world.

  • this what IK did regularize his bani gala palace by paying and now RM has also the right to pay and regularize this was example set by SC

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