Saudi Crown Prince Ate Delicacies from Tehzeeb Bakers

We all know Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan was historic. From his royal escort by Pakistani Air Force’s JF-17 and F-16 Falcons to the humble gesture of PM Imran Khan, receiving his excellency and driving him to the PM house himself. Every gesture expressed welcome, hospitality, and friendship to Saudi Arabia’s Royal Envoy to Pakistan.

Through the 20 hours packed with meetings and ceremonies, there was but one surprising development to the Saudi Royalty’s visit.

The Saudi crown prince traveled not only with an elaborate security detail but with a very distinct mobile kitchen as well. The Royal Highness was very exclusive about his food arrangements and hence had brought a personalized kitchen with him to cater to his untimely cravings for tasty food.

But that’s not what made the headlines.

Having brought an entire kitchen with him, there was but one food brand that met his exquisite standards of taste and quality.

Tehzeeb Bakers was the only bakery in Pakistan requested to provide tea delicacies to the Saudi crown prince and his delegation. The Saudi crown prince’s food inspection team was very careful in selecting Tehzeeb Bakers to serve him and his delegation, attributing its long confectionary history and reputation of fine taste.

With their flavorful taste and impressive presentation, Tehzeeb’s Bakery delicacies rejuvenated Pakistan’s ardent friendship with Saudi Arabia in the sweetest of ways.

The legacy of Tehzeeb goes a 100 years back – from the famous historic place Shimla that served the sub-continent as the summer capital. The tale begins with Chaudhry Hakeemuddin Noon, a renowned Roti godown in Shimla, India.

Upholding the traditions of the forefathers, the third generation has succeeded in the mission and continues to serve its fine taste just as it was 100 years ago. To diversify its food products, Tehzeeb Bakers, now an industry leader, has branched into specialized sectors, establishing their robust footprint through gourmet restaurants and brands such as Safilo and Kanas.

We would also like to share some of the food items ordered by the crown prince and his delegation. The list includes Chocolate Chip biscuits, Almond Khatai, Flax Snaps, Sesame Snaps, Chicken Sandwiches, and Tea Cake.

Chocolate Chip biscuits from Tehzeeb Bakers are among the hot-selling items and particularly popular among children and teens. They are thick on the outside and come generously laden with premium chocolate chips. These biscuits make an amazing combination of traditional “Cookies and Milk”.

Similarly, Tehzeeb’s Chicken Sandwiches and Tea Cakes are enjoyed by every household with tea.

But the Almond Khatai was the one that stole the show. These crumbly traditional treats of wheat, butter, milk, eggs, and almonds are so loved that people take them as housewarming gifts for friends and relatives.

Sesame and Flax snaps have been recently introduced to the Bakery’s food menu. These snaps are not just healthy but make an ideal carry snack for traveling. They come in airtight boxed packaging, allowing them to stay crispy for days.

Tehzeeb Bakers is more than just a bakery; it is a brand that has instilled itself into the hearts of the nation. Last year, in 2017, ex-prime minister Nawaz Shareef accompanied by his team also paid a visit to the bakery’s Blue Area branch. He personally bought a variety of his favorite baked products and offered praise for excellent baking quality.

Known figures such as General Pervez Musharraf, Imran Khan, and the current Chief of Army Staff have also been known to frequently shop from Tehzeeb Bakers.

Even the Saudi royal family, despite being very exclusive about the delicacies they eat, could not resist this delightful experience. We as Pakistanis are proud and would like to extend our appreciation to Tehzeeb Bakers for providing such a great value and fashioning high-end products.

Tehzeeb, hum sub ki!

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  • for critics quality does not need promotion. We need to develop habit to promote and appreciate good things of our country. I live abroad but whenever went to isb, always paid a visit to Tehzeeb. Keep it up.

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