Govt to Launch Rs. 100,000 Bonds: Reports

The federal government is going to launch prize bonds of Rs. 100,000 denomination in next month, several media reports said.

According to reports, the new prize bond will offer investors a 12.5 percent profit per annum.

The bonds will be registered against the name of investors, some media reports claimed, adding that the move was aimed at documenting the economy.

Thus far, the government has received an investment of six billion rupees in Rs. 40,000 bonds.

This is a developing story, it will be updated accordingly.

  • 12.5% interest.? Isn’t the prize bond and as much as I know their is fixed amount against the prize bonds.

  • Prize bonds are haraam.

    Even if you don’t use the prize/interest money, the capital will devalue due to inflation and devaluation. Better to invest elsewhere.

    • there is a diverse opinion between 2 sects about the haraam of prize bond without interest, but with interest both sects agrees that its haraam,
      i think this is not the platform to discuss about haraam or halal, so we should avoid.

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