PIA is Saving Millions Each Month Thanks to Austerity Measures

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has saved millions of rupees through its austerity campaign. According to PIA’s Lahore station manager, the airline saved Rs. 12 million on excess baggage alone last month.

He said the national airline saves Rs. 2.5 million every month at Lahore station thanks to its relocated offices.

Previously, the national flag-carrier was paying millions of rupees to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as rent for more than twenty offices at Lahore airport, he said, adding that PIA has now vacated CAA’s 22,000 square foot land.

He said, instead of paying millions in rent, the airline has now shifted offices into its complex, saving more money every month.

Lahore’s station manager has also received an appreciation certificate from CEO PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik.

It should be stated here that the new leadership of PIA is determined to make the airline great again.

CEO Arshad Malik has taken several revolutionary steps in this regard, including expulsion of ghost employees and those with fake degrees.

Besides resuming flights to Sharjah, Muscat, Malaysia, and several other destinations, he has also suspended several loss-making routes for the airlines.

The CEO has also introduced an Executive Economy Class to attract more travelers.

  • A lollipop to the nation, bhai sahib share the full picture along with expenses. how come this profit overcome the long prolonged deficits. Take a consolidate report and share to the nation.

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