Punjab Forbids Govt Teachers from Giving Private Tuition

The Punjab government has barred public school teachers from giving private tuitions.

Punjab Education Department stated that the decision is aimed towards improving the deteriorating education quality in the province.

The notification issued on Wednesday stated that teachers will neither be able to teach at an academy nor give private tuition.

Those found violating the order will face strict punishment or a possible suspension, it said.

“The teachers will also not be able to take private tuition of the children they are teaching at their schools. In case of violation, the teachers would have to face action under the Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability Act (PEEDA) 2006,” read the order.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) led government has vowed to bring reforms in the educational system of the country.

In October last year, Punjab’s education minister Murad Raas had said they were making efforts to make sure the country’s future – referring to the young children – get a quality education. He said the government is making efforts to make it possible.

  • well they can’t survive off the money the punjab govt. pays them so they will do it anyway or look for another job. if the govt. cracks down it’ll be left with no one to employee.

  • Money we get off this job is merely 28000 of grade 14 employee per month. I have seen teachers ask for loan in the mid of month from well off fellows…. We are against private teaching of students especially who we teach at school, but what to do with this pay we get now a days?

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