3P Learning Successfully Organizes Annual Love Learning Conference in Lahore

3P Learning, in collaboration with Kingston College, organized 5th annual Love Learning Conference (LLC) 2019 on February 16, 2019 in Lahore.

LLC (a not-for-profit initiative of 3P Learning Pakistan) aims to cultivate a rich learning environment, where schools, educators and families get an opportunity to engage with the top of the line mentors and learn to “love learning”. 3P Learning is immensely proud to inspire K-12 teachers and educators to re-imagine teaching and learning, as well as empowering students for life, for the past five years.
The theme of LLC 2019 was “The Taken For Granted -in educating a child”, aimed to raise the apprehended taboos in education. With an exclusive audience of more than 200 K-12 teachers and educators from 11 different cities across Pakistan.

Leading educationists and professionals including, Dr. Rukhsana Zia, Abbas Husain, Tina Hameed, Marvi Khan, Dr.Fareeha Zafar, Attique Ahmed, NailaFarrukh and a few others inspired the delegates with their thought-provoking talks and workshops.

The conference opened up with a Keynote from Dr. Rukhsana Zia-Head of Center for Learning & Teaching, Forman Christian College, Lahore with the title “The END is about THE BEGINNING !”. Raising the crucial question “what sort of individual do we want to develop?”, she established that the prevailing frameworks for an educated person are dysfunctional or rather incomplete, at best. She also suggested an alternate framework that is more inclusive and effective for a better world.
Further highlights of the conference include2 rounds of side by side workshops and a panel discussion.
Abbas Hussain, Director of Teachers Development Center, conducted a workshop on the complexity of classroom life and the “Taken For Granted” aspects about the relationship and social development of young individuals.
Director, PORTAL Education Consultant, Tina Hameed’s workshop, “Taking Fun learning, Seriously”, made teachers examine the notion of FUN learning and enabled them to understand how to make it FUN.
Marvi Khan, Community Educator – 3P Learning, enlightened the delegated with her influential workshop on ‘Educate for LIFE !’.
Knitting together the knowledge of NEUROSCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY, and EDUCATION.She reflected on how our classroom practices and expectation from children contradicts neuroscience and presented practical strategies, based on learning & behavioral principles to optimize the learning and teaching process.

The conference received an overwhelming response from the delegates and team LLC seek to extend the venture to different cities as well.

3P Learning Pakistan is an extension of 3P Learning Australia, a global leader in the online education market. Their suite of learning resources is designed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy and e-safety.

With their passion and commitment to education, they host an annual Love Learning Conference to extend the Love of Learning.