PM Office Takes Notice of CDA Officials ‘Genuinely’ Resolving Complaints

The Prime Minister Office has finally taken notice of the officers of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) who were faking to resolve public complaints.

The PM Office moved into action after severe criticism on social media regarding the ‘resolved’ status of their complaints on Pakistan Citizen Portal which were not resolved.

Following the complaints on social media, the PM Office has directed an extensive performance evaluation report from the department.

According to sources privy to the matter, the CDA is preparing the report which will soon be dispatched to the PM Office.

During the initial investigation, it was revealed that some CDA officials updated the status of complaints to ‘resolved’ without proper processing, just to show progress.

PM Office, in its letter to the Authority, said that the complaints already resolved are devoid of courtesy, gratitude, guidance and official way of communication.

It adds that the quality of resolution points out that the whole system has been left in the hands of lower staff/subordinates with no supervision at all – as the complaints processed lacked logical response with supporting paper/evidence as to why a certain relief could not be granted (where required).

The officers also did not update the evidence/proof to show the complaint was either resolved or assigned to any office for further action. Neither did the CDA officials share office contact details for the convenience of the complainant.

“The above-stated situation is alarming thus calls for immediate intervention at your end,” said the letter addressed to the high ups at the CDA.

The PM office has further directed the CDA to reopen all the resolved complaints from 18 January 2019 in light of the points mentioned above and adequately process them according to the relevant rules/regulations.

“For any inconvenience caused or inability to give relief, the citizen should be given an apology, if appropriate,” advised the PM Office.

  • All government departments have been asked to reopen the complains and analyse them for a better response. This will then be analysed by Prime Minister Delivery Unit officials. One of the most commendable step done by PM IK besides the big gas bills making us all weep blood!

  • When files arrive to your local area officers it does not make ann effect. They fake it. I posted a complaint regarding police and asked for my privacy, because it was against SHO of our area and after 2 3 days i saw comments “Please submit your contact details ” i mean whats the purpose of privacy if it is not being use.

  • LDA is particularly faking resolved complaints by commenting “Partial relief granted” whereas situation is otherwise. Even they don’t bother to take any action.

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