Pakistan Bans Indian Movies and Other Content

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain has said that no Indian movie or entertainment related content will be aired in Pakistan.

The announcement has come in the wake of Indian claims of an airstrike in Balakot that, according to them, killed ‘350 terrorists’ in the wee hours of Tuesday.

The government was being criticized on social media for allowing Indian films on Pakistani cinemas while speaking of ‘befitting response’ to the Indian Air Force’s intrusion.

“Cinema Exhibitors Association has boycotted Indian content, no Indian Movie (wi)ll be released in Pakistan. Also, have instructed PEMRA to act against Made in India Advertisements,” his tweet read.

The minister further said to have directed PEMRA officials to act against Made in India Advertisements.

This is a developing story, it will be updated accordingly.

  • these stupid movies should be banned for life and it is time to elevate Pakistan’s movie industry. And the people who would bark about missing out those movies, they should watchh hollywood movies instead as indian movies are direct copy of hollywood movies…

  • ““Cinema Exhibitors Association has boycotted Indian content”
    They always do this, so the government doesn’t make any rule of banning them. Its time that despite the fake boycott by this exhibitors, government itself ban the screening of Indian movies

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