Chinese ‘Trafficker’ Granted Bail After Girl Changes Her Statement

A Rawalpindi court has released a suspected Chinese trafficker on bail after the alleged trafficked woman changed her statement in the court.

The Chinese man, Dong Jing Lee, was arrested last week from Islamabad airport after a woman Silvia Shamoon alleged that he was trafficking her to China.

The couple was off-loaded from a China-bound flight and was hand over to human trafficking cell.

However, as it unfolded on Wednesday, the couple had been married since December 2018.

19-year-old Silvia told Special Magistrate Rizwan Ahmed Sheikh that she wants to live with her 28-year-old husband and will travel between China and Pakistan occasionally.


Chinese Man Apprehended at Islamabad Airport for Trying to Smuggle a Girl

Dong Lee’s counsel Syed Yasir Hussain said the marriage was registered in Sargodha and the record can be obtained from there.

A Chinese embassy official also added that the case against Mr. Lee was false.

Following this, the magistrate ordered his bail against a bail bond of Rs. 50,000. The bail was instantly paid, and his counsel also applied to dismiss the case.

In a statement to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Silvia had allegedly stated that she was being trafficked and that her father had sold her to Dong against Rs. 400,000.

Following her statement, a case was registered against Dong under human trafficking laws.

  • Money is very powerful, can buy everything even justice system through delay hearing, prolong hearing by judges empowered the convicted to threatening Witnesses/ Victims Family which leads to either witness denied and victim family withdraw cases or leave to further proceed the cases.
    Unfortunately, our police and judicial system delay tactics – delay justice is a justice denied.
    Ex- CJ Justice Saqib Nisar must need to focus on the real issues to betterment the time duration of cases must be given decision within less time, but acted as Administrator distract the real focus. it may be due to Govt were not performing against the mandate given to them- so some one must stand up for Public.

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