PIA Increases Airfare Due to Security Situation

Pakistan International Airlines, on Friday, announced to increase its airfare as an adjustment to the longer routes taken by the flights these days.

Due to the looming danger of an aerial attack from the eastern border that touches with India, flights to and from Islamabad and Lahore to Karachi are taking a longer route.

This not only adds to the travel duration but also lengthens the flight route – subsequently costing more to the airlines.

The national flag carrier has, therefore, decided to revise its fare accordingly.

The decision was announced on Friday evening on PIA’s official Twitter handle.

“PIA believes and stands for Pakistan first. However, keeping in view the present situation of airspace routes, the duration and distances have increased significantly. PIA spokesman said on Friday. He said that due to this unexpected change, the operational costs have escalated significantly.”

“However, despite that airline is presently facing financial constraints, yet to keep air travel safe; the distances to destinations and duration of flights have been adjusted accordingly.

The revised airfare will come into effect immediately.