Xiaomi’s New Lightweight Washing Machine Comes With High-End Features

Xiaomi has its hand in all sorts of lifestyle products and is continuously increasing its product range. Recently, Xiaomi crowdfunded a washing machine and dryer set that comes at a burly price but Xiaomi’s loyal fan base in and outside China are ready to try it out based on surveys and reports.


The washing machine, based on its specs and capacity, seems to be a high-end premium quality machine.


Xiaomi has named this set of the washing machine and dryer the “Fa Le” set. The washing machine has a 10 kg capacity and the dryer has a 9 kg capacity, which makes it ideal for heavy day to day laundry. Even though the size of both the machines is large, they are lightweight and can be stacked for conserving space.

The dryer uses a heat drying system as compared to traditional dryers’ condensers. The heat pump increases the overall efficiency of the dryer.


The price of the Fa Le set is towards the upper side and might be heavy on most of the consumer base’s pockets. The complete set is available at $727, washing machine on its own comes at $297 and the dryer comes at a relatively high price of $529.


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