Security Breach at New Islamabad Airport Causes Public Concern

Islamabad Police has been tasked to look into the matter of a security breach which saw armed men shutting down a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) canteen at the Islamabad International Airport on Sunday.

Despite the claims of strong security arrangements at the airport, 13 armed men reportedly locked down the canteen, locking up the staff members inside. The assailants also threatened the staffers and damaged the CCTV system, taking it away with them before the authorities reached the scene.

According to the initial reports, the break-in attempt was led by a former contractor of the canteen. He claimed to have built and run the canteen, however, the tender was later awarded to a private firm owned by a government servant.

The authorities, oblivious of the break-in incident, reached the scene once they were informed by the people at the airport. The security breach has put a huge question mark over the stringent security measures claimed by the authorities.

CAA later clarified the air around the tender, saying that the contract was awarded to a private firm for running the canteen following due process.

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