CAA Female Official Returns Bag With Gold Worth Millions to Owner

Remember the old saying we used to learn at schools about honesty?

‘Honesty is the best policy’.

While we all used to write essays on the saying, this woman working with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Shama Riaz, is a true follower of Benjamin Franklin’s words. She returned a bag containing Rs. 4 million worth of gold to its owner.

Muhammad Mushtaq, who boarded a London-bound PIA flight PK-757 with his family, forgot his handbag in the departure lounge on 9th March.

Shama found the bag which had 580 grams of gold in it and deposited it in the Lost and Found Departures department at the Lahore airport.

The bag was returned to the passenger’s brother, Muhammad Akram. Airport Manager, Tahir Sikandar along with his team returned the bag on 11th March, according to a press release issued by the CAA.

Muhammad Mushtaq lauded the honesty of the female official and thanked her for the exemplary act.

Feature Writer

    • that must be approx. 3.4 Million PKR. If Gold is 99.99% pure.

      Publisher rounded the figure, that’s it.. Real point is That lady returned it and this is a big DEAL.

    • These were not raw gold bars rather these were ornaments which also include manufacturing cost also…

  • Excellent and positive news for a very maligned group of public servants. All praise to Shama!
    Some more details would be appreciated:
    * Was the carrying of this gold declared? Is gold of this value/amount allowed to be carried without first declaring it?
    * What about source of funds? Was this case checked for money laundering / transfer of illegal funds?

  • We do expect good from literate security staff, hope everyone follow these bright and honest examples.

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