China’s Largest Electric Vehicle Manufacturer is Coming to Pakistan

Rahmat Group has signed an agreement with a leading Chinese electric vehicle company, BYD, for the assembly of EVs in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s automotive sector has again reached a milestone, and this time it’s for electric vehicles. After witnessing the growing popularity of electric vehicles around the globe, a group of investors in Pakistan are keen to bring the technology to the country. In this regard, Rahmat Group has entered into an agreement with BYD for the assembly and to some extent the production of electric vehicles in the country.

The joint venture between the two companies is a massive breakthrough in Pakistan’s auto sector. The Chinese manufacturer will assemble cars, vans, coaches, buses as well as batteries, chargers and other related products. The company also shared the benefits of EVs with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan through a letter, according to Shaukat Qureshi, CEO of Rahmat Group.

The letter contains information on how the general public will be able to save money through the use of EVs. The motorcyclists will be able to save around Rs. 4,000 each month and people owning a car will be able to save around Rs. 25,000-30,000.

On top of all this, the Electric vehicles don’t need any fuel and have zero cost maintenance wise. This kind of saving will be seen in the use of buses or coaches with an estimated saving of Rs. 300,000-500,000 every month. EVs will be beneficial for the environment as they produce zero emissions and will help control air pollution and global warming, a growing concern for Pakistan.

The company will be working in tandem with Total Parco, a leading oil company in the country, to set up charging stations across Pakistan.

BYD has an entrenched network around the world and they are currently based in over 200 cities in over 50 countries and all habitable continents of the world according to the CEO Rahmat Group. The US constitutes as its largest market closely followed by Europe in second. They employ 230,000 workers in 30 locations with over 40 manufacturing sites. BYD is a world-renowned manufacturer that easily ranks in the Top 15 companies of the world that aim to revolutionize the automobile industry worldwide.

  • It’s a great step toward cleaner and greener environment. I hope that the taxation on the EVs will be very less compared to contemporary vehicles as they are in other parts of the world.

    • whereas it will be beneficial for all sorts of transports!
      Glad to see such change if this news is true with 100% implementation!

  • Its really good to hear this, I hope big three(Suzuki,Toyota,Honda) monopoly will ended soon, they are charging over price on their bull shits, Our reowned cars are not even able to use as taxi in rest of the world.

  • بجلی پہلے پوری پوری ہے ……….. آپ لوگوں کے لئے بہتر ہے مرغی اور کٹوں پر سفر کرنے کی عادت ڈالیں

    • Bhaya ye ghr ke ilawa charging station pe bhi charge hosky gi jesy petrol bharwatay hain, bijli to ab wesy bhi knob hai,,

  • battery bhi replace karni parti hai
    and pakistan k paas konsa bijli ka khazana nikal aaya hai

  • Compliments Mr Shaukat Qureshi CEO Rahmat Group for the EV transport cars, motor vehicles, buses, with Power Banks network providing fast recharging facility. This will be a turning point in Pakistan in Mobility, Transport Sector save our cities with pollution, carbon emissions, in buses. The most important thing is self reliance in EV is the local production of EV’s, the recycling of EV Batteries, battery charging times, recycling of batteries, the export of batteries from Rahmat Group to the Middle East Region, not only Pakistan but China as Pakistan has bilateral treaty of trade from Pakistan/China and nown as Bilateral treaty.

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