This Photographer Used Sony Xperia Phones for Taking Award Winning Photos

Mobile phone cameras have come so far that mobile photography has become a thing and even leading photographers are recommending phones over pricey dedicated cameras. One of the most famous mobile photographers, Dominika Koszowska from Poland, revealed that she only uses her Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ2 for photography.

Based on her landscape and portrait photography done via the above-mentioned phones, she also received the grand prize for mobile photography in 2018.


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Even though mobile phones nowadays can do wonders with their auto modes, Dominika Koszowska said she likes to capture pictures using manual mode as it gives her more control.

Dominika Koszowska

Moreover, in her interview, she also revealed that she usually does not use Sony’s high-ISO mode while capturing low light pictures and rather likes to rely on longer exposure using a tripod.

From her Facebook profile, it is clear that she is an advanced professional photographer. Most of her pictures capture the essence of nature and present it in the most beautiful way.

She always prefers to use the natural light to capture pictures and the golden hour is her favorite time of the day for photography.

She added,

I look for good composition, frames, perspective, symmetry and colour contrasts. Above all, emotions play the most important part in photography. They do not necessarily involve the presence of a person. Clouds can provide emotions, or a flash of light, or even a movement. Many photos are created intuitively, you just need to know when to pull out the smartphone.

Dominika also detailed how she takes pictures and gave some tips for Xperia phone users. The tips and details can be read here.

You can take a look at some of her amazing photography below:

  • Its not about camera. Its composition. How you consider the scene. Camera in your hand is the world best camera. When you properly compose your image, then its time to take control of camera. If you have basic camera, then you can relay on other variables of camera. For example most of smartphone has only one aperture, so you can adjust on ISO and shutter speed.

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