Samsung Galaxy Fold Shows Up on Video Before Release

Samsung Galaxy Fold is among the pioneers of foldable phones in the smartphone market. Even though it comes at a hefty price of $1980, consumers are pretty excited about what it has to offer.

Recently, before the launch of Galaxy Fold in the US market, a video surfaced on YouTube. It was clear from the video that the phone was being used by someone, not from Samsung.

Upon tracking, the video had surfaced for Vietnam, however, we don’t know (or care) how he got his hands on the phone before it’s even released. We are more interested in what it has revealed for us.

The first thing that we notice is a folding mark in the middle when the phone is unfolded. It is very similar to what a crease mark when you fold and then unfold a piece of paper. The folding mark is kind of a turn off for us and we are secretly praying that it does not appear in the launched version.

In the video, we see that the user was able to fold the smartphone with one hand quite easily which not only shows the sophistication of folding technology used but also shows that the weight is perfectly balanced on both sides of the phone.

Towards the end of the video, the user reveals the software information of the smartphone. It is clear that it uses Android Pie 9.0 topped with One UI 1.2.

Samsung has incorporated the best features in the Galaxy Fold i.e. a top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 12 GB RAM which is the highest seen in any of Samsung smartphones so far.

Unfortunately, the phone isn’t going to be released in Pakistan.

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