Pakistan Has Been Ranked No. 1 for the Most Affordable Telecom Services: PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has wishes to state that, Pakistan has been ranked number “1” for the provision of most affordable telecom services amongst 139 countries according to World Economic Forum’s Network Readiness Index Report ahead of India, Bangladesh and Srilanka in the South Asian region, which are ranked at 8th, 14th and 35th respectively. Furthermore, Competitiveness Index Report of World Economic Forum has also ranked Pakistan above India, Bangladesh and Iran in terms of availability of latest technologies and internet bandwidth.

It may be noted that World Economic Forum is regarded as one of the most reputed, credible and authentic source of information globally. has ranked Pakistan at number 33 based on its calculation of average price of 1 GB mobile data @ USD 1.85 per month, which is not correct. PTA has evaluated monthly plans/ packages offered by mobile companies in Pakistan and average price of 1 GB turns out to be only USD 0.72. Based on PTA’s analysis, Pakistan’s average price per GB is the second lowest in the Asia Pacific region ahead of Srilanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Iran, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Further, PTA also gathered data from mobile companies, according to which, the average price of 1 GB mobile data is in the range of USD 0.29 to USD 0.59 per month.

PTA has also approached/contacted representatives of for clarification through email and telephone, however, no response has been received as of yet.

  • زبردست اشتہار۔۔۔
    جیز پہ *303# ملا کر دیکھ لیں۔
    ادھر 0۔59 زیادہ سے زیادہ ہے تو پی ٹی اے نے 0۔72 کہاں سے
    مصنف تو صحافت سے لفافت پہ آیا۔

  • thumped article…Pak is not ranked no. 1 rather I would Aus is where with only 15$ per month you can enjoy 1GB and free calls and texts to local numbers and even to more than 20 countries worldwide, yes free international calls and texts…

  • This is outrageous! PTA should charge more for license renewals and new spectrum sales! It should petition the supreme court to allow the government to charge taxes on mobile services once again. These taxes should also be increased. If people are allowed to communicate freely they might organize against the government. It should not be allowed to happen.

  • This is a lie. India still is ranked number 1 in terms of most affordable telecom services.

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