14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide After Being Scolded by Father

A female student of Class 6 committed suicide in her house in the precincts of the Bhanamari Police Station on Friday.

According to media reports, the 14-year-old girl shot herself inside her home with a gun. She was taken to the hospital but could not survive the injuries.


Over 300,000 at Risk of Committing Suicide in Pakistan

The police did not comment on the incident. However, word has it that the girl was disturbed after getting scolded by father for not concentrating on her studies.

While the reason for the suicide remains unverified, this is another suicide case by a young individual. Such incidents are on the rise these days. The increasing number of suicides have raised a question mark on whether parents and teachers are treating their children in the right manner or focusing enough on their mental health.

  • This is nothing but parents brought up failure and distance from islam……if they would have told that suicide is haraam, and the person will continue to kill herself/himself in hell like he/she did in the world…
    how come anyone even think of doing it?

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