Malaysia to Buy Two JF-17 Fighter Jets for Testing and Evaluation

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad praised the strength of Pakistan Army and the efficacy of Pakistan Air Force’s fighter jet JF-17 Thunder.

Giving an interview after his visit to Pakistan, Mohammad said, “I know how strong the Pakistan Army is. If you fight against them, you will get a bloody nose.”


JF-17 Thunder Block 3 Gets Major Upgrades

The Malaysian premier was the chief guest at the Pakistan Day Parade and JF-17 Thunder jets were exhibited at the event. Regarding that, the premier said, “They [Pakistan] have been able to build aircraft now which were demonstrated. They performed very well.”

He further added that Malaysia will get one or two planes initially for evaluation and tests. “I knew Pakistan will like to sell its planes to us, so we said to give us one or two planes so we can see how strong they are,” said the premier.

Mahathir Mohammad was briefed on JF-17 Thunder fighter jets at the Nur Khan Airbase before he departed from the country, as his three-day trip marked an end on March 23.

  • How Much the Cost of Each for Export ?
    How Much Quantity Malaysia Want to ?W
    What is Payment Procedure / Terms & Condition ?

  • Are you sure that they going to buy only 2 pieces, just for testing purpose. isn’t it stupid. because if they want to test, we can give a test trial.
    it seems to be, “Oh kaka, ey do kulfian check kara”

  • Don’t worry malaysia will buy more. Good thing is that people of India constantly following JF thunder news. Don’t be jealous And welcome your new flying coffin machine for your pilots I think you named it Tejas. ?

    And please when you get rafale please teach your pilots to aim to the enemy not to your own fighters.???????

  • What a beautiful fighter jet JF17 is…Block III is a beast, with better engine, AESA Radar and advanced BVR missiles ….. and with an attractive price Tag… is an obvious choice for many nations…..Block IV is expected to hv stealth technology …..We are proud of our achievements…Alhumdulillah #LovePAF

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