PM Imran Announces a Rs. 162 Billion Karachi Package

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a package of Rs. 162 billion for the development of Karachi.

PM Khan made this announcement while addressing a gathering in Karachi on Saturday morning.

During his address, the premier said, “We are allocating a Rs. 162 billion-package for 18 different development projects in Karachi.”

Terming Karachi as the country’s economic and industrial hub, he said,

The country cannot move forward till Karachi is not developed. In previous years, the whole country suffered because Karachi’s development was halted.

He lashed out at the incumbent Sindh government for continuously ignoring the metropolitan city for political gains.

“It was their [Sindh government’s] responsibility to control the situation in Karachi but a sweeping victory in interior Sindh, we all saw how they treated the country’s largest city.”

Khan also addressed Karachi’s long-standing transport issue and said that out of 18 development projects; at least 10 will cater to the issue of public transport in the port city.

The premier also announced projects related to water conservation and vegetation.

He also vowed to stop Karachi from further expanding as it, according to him, adds to the problem of water and sanitation that the city is already suffering from.

He presented the idea of high-rise buildings in the metropolis instead of further horizontal expansion.

We have asked the Civil Aviation Authority to mark the areas surrounding the airport where sky-scrappers cannot be built, other than that buildings should be built everywhere.

PM Imran also approved a university for the Hyderabad city that would be built and run by the federal government.

  • Mr. Khan, by all accounts please feel free to address transport issue for people who turn into a violent mob and burn a bus costing over 10 millions, even, when a mistake of their own gets them overrun by that burning and reeking bus. Further, I think that you are forgetting one thing, that Sind is the only province where population is swelling by the day due to movement over here from other provinces. This movement also speaks about the reality of economic conditions being portrayed as being rosy in ads in the KPK and Punjab.

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