Cloudflare Announces a Free VPN to Pair with its DNS Service

Cloudflare, which is most famous for its CDN service, is known for constantly working towards a secure and private internet. Its free DNS service,,  kept ISPs from accessing user browsing history, but it did not encrypt the user internet traffic.

Now, Cloudflare has introduced Warp VPN which is also free of cost like the DNS service.

What is Warp?

Warp is a VPN devised for Cloudflare’s DNS to provide users with even more privacy whilst browsing the internet. It will encrypt the user’s internet traffic and ensure that you don’t lose out on speed. Usually, most free VPNs limit speed to around 1-2 Mbps or lower, but not Warp.

This will be done by compressing the content and caching wherever possible. This VPN will not only work for internet browsing, it will also work for all the apps present on the user’s phone.

The company is committing to the fact that they will never share user data or the browsing history for targeting ads nor will ask for any information that can identify the user. This includes your emails as well.

Warp hasn’t been launched yet, however, you can sign up for updates on when it’ll be launched. Warp will also have a variant called Warp+ which will be a paid version with better performance and speed.

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