Jazz’s Flexible Work Policy Offers Greater Work-Life Balance to Employees Nationwide

As mobile devices, high-speed internet and video-conferencing become more widespread, telecommuting jobs are also becoming more common.

The biggest global corporations like Apple, Google and Dell value work-life balance believing that there does not need to be a conflict between work and life at home, rather a collaboration. Realizing the benefits that working from home brings to employees and the environment, Jazz launched its flexible work policy, ‘Jazz Flex’, last year in which employees can spend a day working from home every week. After a successful pilot phase, the program is now extended to the employees nationwide.

Although Jazz Flex is available for all employees, the program is mainly focused towards working mothers. While women and men are starting to equally share the care-giving responsibilities of raising children, women still bear the lion’s share of those responsibilities. Jazz decided to help moms spread out their work in ways that allow them to spend quality time with their family.

“At Jazz, we are bringing our digital philosophy to life through innovative workplace practices, enabling a conducive culture and ways of work. Jazz Flex is just one part of the new tools and programs we have initiated to help drive productivity, while encouraging greater work-life balance and flexibility,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz.

The idea is to enable our employees to be the best that they can be; empower them so they are able to do more, be more, and expand their capability & capacity to achieve more.

During Jazz Flex’s pilot phase, feedback from employees was very positive with most of them listing saving time and money, lower stress levels, increased work satisfaction and productivity as the major benefits.

To celebrate Jazz Flex’s nationwide launch, employees at Jazz were asked to share pictures of how they spend their time working ‘on Flex’. Thousands participated in this ‘Flex a Pose’ competition with Qurat ul Ain Imran winning the award after sharing a beautiful picture of her paying attention to her three children, while working at the same time.

  • Good effort by Jazz but telecommuting should be allowed for male employees too. If they are able to do their jobs equally as effectively from home as they do from their offices then there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be allowed to do so.

    The rest of the companies in the country should follow Jazz’s example and allow their employees to telecommute. Especially in Karachi where traffic jams are commonplace at office timings.

  • Lucky & blessed are the ones who are miles away from Chinese employers & their horrific work environment & below the belt social & moral values. I have yet to see a single satisfied & happy employee in a Chinese organisation except one or two rare bread of poodles in the whole office

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